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Mining Status
Dexbet Pool

The pool represents the Casino's profits and tends to fluctuate based on the players' winnings. 25% of the pool will be distribuited every week.


The pool is currently -29581.192759 CHIPS-1GZP (negative)

Claim Countdown

Time left until your rewards are available to claim on K5 Wallet or Dexbet profile page.

99d 24h 60m 00s
Current Dexbet Frozen

The current amount of DXB tokens that are staked.

Current CHIPS per DXB

The amount of CHIPS earned per unit of staked DXB in 25% of the current Pool

0.000000 CHIPS
Current Mining Level

It is responsible for setting the current Mining Price

Current Mining Price

The amount of bets in dollars to mine 1 DXB

Remaining Amount to Next Level

The amount of DXB that needs to be mined before reaching the next level

716932.429998 DXB